Teach Me How to Do My Own PR for Startups (and Dougie, Too!)

, Entrepreneur (new @ this), PR/Marketing consultant

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As someone dipping into entrepreneurship for the first time and a former agency PR Senior Account Executive (of 3.5 years), I'm only beginning to truly realize how budgeting one's time and money is essential for any startup's launch.   After dropping a fair amount just to reserve a domain name, I am discovering the slightly painful costs associated with running your own business. 

Choosing to be an entrepreneur proves you have a smart, functional brain fully capable of starting your own PR campaign.  With a little help from me, potentially avoid paying thousands of dollars to launch your PR program and learn how to start it yourself!

In this intial workshop, you will learn how to:

1. FIgure out the best time to start a PR campaign

2.  Decide who you are going after - users, investors, partners, and perhaps all of the above.

3. Discover how to effectively target the right verticals to *help* with user acquisition (PR is an aid to user acqusition, not the full solution!)

4. Brainstorm with others and receive feedback on your current messaging through in-class exercises

5.  Learn how to draft a quality pitch (hint:  keep it simple and speak like a human!) and test this pitch out in-session

A small disclaimer before we start. Nothing I will be talking about today reflects the theories
or process used by a specific agency or PR group. Rather my sources of information reflect my
collective work experience as well as academic internships and apply generally across the board. You may think of this session as an exposition to general principals or structural ideas which I believe can be applied to many business venture setting.

At the end of my session, you will be empowered to decide whether going with yourself or an agency is the best route for your startup. 

And... if if you want to learn how to Dougie, I can teach you that too.  (Optional - not everyone wants to learn how to Dougie.)

  • Teach Me How to Do My Own PR for Startups (and Dougie, Too!)


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Andy Rosenberg

Entrepreneur (new @ this), PR/Marketing consultant

Prior to making a switch to entrepreneurship, I worked at a PR agency in New York City for 3 and a half years.  Having worked on accounts from everyone from Fortune 200 clients to two person bootstrapped startups, I have been exposed to the ins-and-outs of PR and wish to share that information with other entrepreneurs looking for some guidance.

In my past, I worked on a variety of corporate and startup accounts in completely different verticals related to tech including e-commerce, retail consumer electronics, mobile apps (utlility and gaming) and even green tech at one point.  I've witnessed great successes with past clients, from huge company growth to acquisitions, which in all honesty, inspired me to move towards working with, and eventually on my own startup.

I have always loved teaching others - this is my opportunity to help those around me as I set off on my own and adapt to startup life myself.  We're all in this together.  Plus, the NYC startup community just rocks!  Let's have some fun with this.

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