Stop Sending Ineffective Emails: How To Write To Get Results

, Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

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“Jessica is a funny and engaging teacher. I wish I had taken this class many, many emails ago!” -Jenn Shaw, Founder at NYTechWomen

“Great class! Jessica clearly knows her stuff and provided some really insightful tips and actionable steps on effective emailing that are simple to apply. I left the class feeling a lot more confident about my future email outreach. ” -Holley Murchison, Co-Founder and Host at The Hall Pass Tour

Do you know how many emails you fire off in a typical day? Are you confident those emails say what you want them to?

Whether your goal is to entice a prospective investor or communicate a new strategy to your staff, you waste valuable time and risk not being taken seriously if you don’t understand the fundamentals of effective email communication.

This hands-on seminar is designed for busy professionals who aim to get what they want with as few words as possible.

You will learn

  • How to hook your reader so he or she reads your message -- and responds to it
  • The foolproof format you can use for every single email you write after this class
  • Why the journalistic term “burying the lede” is relevant to you, and how avoiding it will save you hours of time
  • How to wrestle tricky commas into submission
  • Three key questions to ask yourself before you hit “send”

Adopt these simple techniques, and you'll be able to quickly write clear and concise emails that project a professional image and get results.

Class structure

  1. Lecture - discover the email fundamentals
  2. Learning by doing - write an email based on a fictional scenario. Then we'll review it in a fun and supportive atmosphere.
  3. Q+A - get answers to nagging communication questions once and for all
  • How to Write to Get Results


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Jessica Adamiak

Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

Jess Adamiak empowers entrepreneurs to get what they want by teaching them to be better communicators.

Since moving to New York City in 2007, Jess has written for thriving startups such as Contently, How About We, and LearnVest. She's also worked as an editor for The Huffington Post, American Express Publishing, and Hearst Digital Media.

95% of the time, she subscribes wholeheartedly to author George Orwell’s philosophy: “If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.”

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