Stevens Startup Society

I started the Stevens Startup Society a few months ago as a way to bring the startup mentality and entrepreneurial culture that is thriving in NYC to Stevens Institute of Technology. While the school does a great job of embracing entrepreneurship in a commercial and traditional aspect, Stevens could definitely do a better job at preparing its students to think like a startup entrepreneur

This class will run every Wednesday night at 9:00pm at the Stevens Library. Each class will focus on a major topic related to startup entrepreneurship and product development. Participating in the previous week's class will not be a prerequisite for attending any future classes.

I will also bring in relevant guest speakers from the NYC Tech Community when available and appropriate.

Come join us for some great discussions about the startup community and please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested.

While this course is specifically intended for Stevens Institute of Technology students and alumni, we are open to all others who wish to join us and contribute to the startup club.

John Petersen

I graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2006 with an Engineering degree and went to work for a major international bank. I worked there for almost 4 years climbing the ranks and leading large teams on multimillion-dollar projects before I left to start my own Wealth Management firm. I quickly felt the calling of the NYC startup community and began working with a couple of developers on some startup ideas.

Currently, I am partner at NYC Dev Shop ( and cofounder of NY Tech Day ( I am incredibly passionate about the startup community, learning, and mentoring, and have made some great connections which I plan to leverage to make this class incredibly beneficial for everyone involved.

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