Statistics 101: Introductory Concepts

, I help startups gracefully scale human systems

In this class you’ll learn the basic vocabulary and concepts you need to analyze data and think like a statistician.

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You can also sign up for the next 3 classes together as a course at a discounted price. Check out the course here:

I'm very grateful to SumAll for graciously hosting this class. In this class we will cover statistics from a theoretical and practical perspective. We will spend most of the time on learning statistics and the rest of the time learning to use R, a very powerful and versatile open source tool that is available for free by clicking on that link. Please come with R and RStudio loaded on your laptop. No laptop? No problem. You can follow along in class and I will send you the command lines to look over at home.

Why would you want to take a course on statistics? If you have data and you want to answer questions with that data, statistics is a very powerful tool. This is especially true for people doing business analytics and marketing.

  • Statistics 101: Introductory Concepts


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Joaquin Roca

I help startups gracefully scale human systems

I taught statistics to college psychology majors for years at Hunter College and also a class on data-based consulting and applied research to MS students at Baruch. I have also worked at AMEX and Pfizer running statistical analyses for their training departments. If you have two groups of friends, I can absolutely tell you if one is (statistically) significantly taller than the other.

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