Statistics 101: Introductory Concepts

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In this class you’ll learn the basic vocabulary and concepts you need to analyze data and think like a statistician.

If you sign up and Tweet a link to this class ( to me @Joaquin_V_Roca I will rebate $5 to you through PayPal.

You can also sign up for the next 3 classes together as a course at a discounted price. Check out the course here:

I'm very grateful to SumAll for graciously hosting this class. In this class we will cover statistics from a theoretical and practical perspective. We will spend most of the time on learning statistics and the rest of the time learning to use R, a very powerful and versatile open source tool that is available for free by clicking on that link. Please come with R and RStudio loaded on your laptop. No laptop? No problem. You can follow along in class and I will send you the command lines to look over at home.

Why would you want to take a course on statistics? If you have data and you want to answer questions with that data, statistics is a very powerful tool. This is especially true for people doing business analytics and marketing.

  • Statistics 101: Introductory Concepts


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Joaquin Roca

I help startups gracefully scale human systems

I help NY startups gracefully scale their human systems.

I've been creating innovative videostools, and content in the field of organization development for years and recently my thoughts on organization structure have been featured in Fast Company and Inc.

Over the 15 years I've been practicing my craft I've worked with organizations you're familiar with (e.g., Pfizer, the UN) and some you'll be familiar with soon (e.g., SumAll, Urtak). I help established brands and startups alike think about culture and organization structures to ensure they work flawlesly at scale. Learn more about me at

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