Startup Marketing for Dummies: Acquisition, Retention and Revenue

, VP, Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru

In his acclaimed "Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!" presentation, Dave McClure highlights 5 steps to success with your customers: acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue.  In this introductory marketing class, I'll give a 90-minute overview of all of this lingo, and will put special focus on the topics of acquisition, retention and revenue.

Who should take this class?  Pretty much anyone but seasoned marketers.  Whether you're a founder looking to better understand how to structure your marketing efforts (or what to look for when hiring a marketing leader), an engineer seeking to better collaborate with your business lines, or someone totally new to the internet industry just hoping to get your feet wet with some basic understanding and technical lingo, this class should service you well.  Novice marketers looking for more technical frameworks around acquisition, retention and revenue are also welcome.

I am an incredibly data-driven marketer and will advocate a quantitative approach in this class.  Students will leave with not only a qualitative understanding of these topics, but also some quantitative frameworks to leverage to assess their marketing efforts (e.g. how to calculate lifetime value, how to think about long tail customer acquisition costs, etc.).  Students in this class should feel comfortable with basic math equations.

I'll be rolling out in-depth classes on each of these topics (acquisition, retention, revenue modeling) in the next few months, so this class is intended to be the prerequisite for what's to follow.

Still not sold? Read about how my student Kareem Mayan used his learnings from my class on cohort analysis to reduce his business' cancellation rates by 87.5%.

  • Understanding and Measuring Acquisition, Retention and Revenue

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    I'll give a 90-minute survey lecture about how to think about user acquisition and retention  (i.e. systems you need, how to configure them, metrics to look at) as well as how to think about revenue as a success measure (LTV, RPM, etc.).

    I'll be rolling out in-depth classes on each of these topics (acquisition, retention, revenue modeling) in the next few months, so this class is intended to be the prerequisite for what's to follow.

    Mon, December 17th, 2012

    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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Cassie Lancellotti-Young

VP, Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru

Cassie Lancellotti-Young is VP Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru. Before joining Sailthru, where she works with top brands in e-commerce and publishing to improve the relevance of their marketing and increase their customer lifetime values. Before joining Sailthru, Cassie spent a year at Gerson Lehrman Group working on new business line development by way of the minimum viable product/growth hacking approach. Prior to GLG, Cassie served as VP Marketing at Savored, where she managed user acquisition, email and product marketing, and partnerships; Savored sold to Groupon in 2012. Cassie was also an early employee at, where she spent three years managing direct marketing and subscription analytics for the company’s jobseeker product and was responsible for tremendous growth in readership and revenue. She began her career as a media/tech analyst at Citigroup Global Corporate & Investment Bank.

Cassie graduated from Duke and holds an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College. She is an expert on data analytics (and making them digestible!) - she's been called "the Nate Silver of startup analytics" - and welcomes the opportunity to nerd out with fellow quantitative enthusiasts. Cassie is also an advisor to several NYC startups and is avidly working to become an amateur blogger but regularly forgets to write stuff.

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