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The web is build on technology. Those technologies have underlying code. What is Ruby on Rails? What is node.js? Should you be looking for a Drupal developer instead? What's a stack?

In this class we'll look at the underlying structure of a web app to talk conceptually about things developers are always talking about. The better you're able to understand their language the closer you'll get to finding your technical cofounder or CTO or possibly becoming one yourself.

For class on 6/7 we'll have a special guest to add to the discussion: Paul Canetti.

Paul Canetti is the founder and CEO of MAZ, a digital publishing platform for tablet and mobile devices.

Having previously worked in both technology and publishing at Apple, Condé Nast, and as the Creative Director of a boutique app development agency, Canetti truly understands the important intersection of content, design and technology. He teaches several classes on app development for General Assembly.

None necessary it's assumed you are a non-technical business person looking for someone in tech.

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"Cooper, himself deeply embedded in the New York tech scene, gives practical and insightful advice.." -- Forbes 2012

Nate Cooper is an independent academic, with a focus on technical literacy. As chief entrepreneur of Pedestrian Consulting he teaches group classes on web concepts and gives private lessons on technology. He has lead discussion sections on digital media at the University of California Santa Cruz and was a workshop trainer and event coordinator for staff and customers at Apple Inc.

Nate and this class have been featured in Forbes.

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