Social Media Engagement & Monitoring on the cheap

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*** This class is no longer being held. In fact, it's now become a FREE ebook that is included in my Branding, PR, and Social Media 3 Day Master Course ***

If you're reading this, you're probably not in a position to hire yourself a fancy community manager to show you how and when to engage online. Or maybe you're like me and you want to do your social media marketing and monitoring by yourself and more importantly: you're interested in how you can do it with totally FREE tools, right?

In one hour, you'll learn:
✔ What free tools to use for Twitter while learning how and WHY you should be monitoring certain keywords. You'll also learn the power of certain free tools that will maximize your engagement with clever scheduling services.
✔ How to effectively understand Insights on Facebook Pages and how to leverage what all that data actually means. You'll also find out what tool helps you monitor your effectiveness on Facebook AND Twitter
✔ How the hell to make sense of Google Analytics. You'll learn what data to actually look at (it's a very short list) and how to capitalize on all that information
✔ What free, mulitplatform task management software to use. No point in learning all these skills and not having a gameplay for your day to day social media tasks

Best of all, every app, website, and tool I show you is free. Most of them are web-based apps, which mean you can access them on any computer and many have smartphone and tablet versions as well that all sync together. That means, you'll have the skills and tools that will allow you to engage on social media any time, any place.

What to expect form this class
First and foremost, you'll learn that the only money that should be spent on social media tools and monitoring should be from taking a class like this. In all seriousness, there are a handful of free and extremely powerful tools out there that can help you engage better and monitor you presence like a pro. No need to spend thousands to do what can be done for free.

By the end of this class, I guarantee you'll have enough knowledge and tools at your disposal to be your own community manager, PR agent, or social media "expert".

“It has been a blessing in my life to know Jeff Ramos personally and professionally. I met Jeff shortly after moving to New York City with very little idea of how to get myself out there in some of the most difficult circles to break into. Through conversations with Jeff, I have felt empowered and confident in being fully myself and have watched as I have increased my ability to profit from my passions as a direct result of Jeff’s wisdom. Jeff’s level of expertise in the fields of social media and branding make him as essential component of almost any winning team that is lucky enough to have him. It’s wonderful when the universe gives us exactly what we need when we need it.”
-Helene Finizio, Founder and CEO of Lovelight

Is there anything else you would like to see added to this class? Comment below and I will in fact add it. Cheers!

  • Social Media Engagement & Monitoring on the cheap


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Jeff Ramos

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