Social Entrepreneurship - Successful practices for start-ups

, Founder at Institute for Social Advancement

So the last class was delayed due to neverending commitments. So we will officially be holding this class in December at a location TBD (depending on how many individuals sign up for the class)

The class will assist and help individuals master the craft of organizational development and self development as they may one day seek to start their own non-profits and social businesses. Furthermore, students will briefly learn:

1. The difference between a true entrepreneur and the entrepreneur you think you are.

2. How to market effectively through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

3. How to use crowd-funding to generate capital for your organization.

4. How to market yourself through your social profiles.

Lastly, you will gain real experience which you can apply to your venture and also meet tons of other people who can become a part of your life-long entrepreneurial journey.

Recommended reading before class:

- The E Myth (Revisited and Mastery) by Michael Gerber

- The Start Up of You by Reid Hoffman

  • Social Entrepreneurship - Successful practices for start-ups


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    Coming Soon...

Mohammed Ahmed

Founder at Institute for Social Advancement

I founded Scholars for Success in 2009 with no experience and a student going to college full-time. Two years later, Scholars for Success is currently being explored as an SES provider for the Dept of Ed. I am currently head of ISA (Institute for Social Advancement), which serves students in Lesotho through academics and dance. Furthermore, i teach students, ages 18-25, how to use the resources they have to make a difference in the lives of others. I have been teaching for about 2 years now and can proudly say i have helped start 4 NPO's and 3 businesses in that span of time. Funny thing is i am only 21…your turn to find out what i know that you dont.

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