Raising the Bar: How to Aim High, Work Smart & Accept Uncertainty

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Join Nita Kaushal, the Founder of Miss CEO, for an exclusive 2 day workshop that is guaranteed to kick-start your career and get you on the right track for 2012.

Depending on your schedule or interest, you can attend both or just one of the classes.  The listed price corresponds to one session, for a discounted rate on the whole series click here. Both sessions will feature interactive classroom exercises, assignments and customized resources in order to maximize learning and accountability both in and outside of class. Registration is limited so be sure to sign up today.

Although recent findings show that many talented and promising young women are not reaching their full professional potential by setting low expectations and missing out on strategic opportunities for advancement, this workshop will inspire and teach women how they can avoid common pitfalls and position themselves to successfully lead, assert their influence and contribute innovative and meaningful solutions.  

Whether you are navigating your career within an established organization, looking for a job change, or starting your own venture, this class will provide you with proven and practical tips and resources to help you maneuver through your important next steps.

Session #1 (Mon, Jan 23):  Establish the Fundamentals
Learn how to:

  • Overcome common challenges that women currently face in today’s workplace
  • Negotiate a higher salary, more resources, and better title starting today
  • Develop meaningful and productive relationships with your dream mentors and sponsors

Session #2 (Mon, Jan 30):  Stretch Yourself
Learn how to:

  • Stretch yourself so your efforts are aligned with your both your professional and personal goals
  • Creatively shift and maximize your time so you can start crossing the important things off your list
  • Communicate effectively in various work settings and challenging situations
  • Showcase and leverage your work for recognition both inside and outside your company

As in all pariSoma classes, snacks and beverages will be provided.

Check out other classes @pariSoma as well, and see what you find!

  • Raising the Bar: How to Aim High, Work Smart & Accept Uncertainty


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An open incubator where ideas meet execution

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