Raising Your First Round: How Investors Think

You've been working on your idea and you're ready to raise your first round of capital. What comes next?

This class will explain how early-stage investors think about startups, offer tips for best communicating your story, and how to keep momentum going to get you to a deal.

A good understanding of your business is required - please bring along your working pitch deck or AngelList profile if you have it.

The class format will be short lecture followed by Q&A.

All Proceeds will be donated to CodeNow, a non-profit working to provide 10,000 hours of computer programming training in 2012 to 250 underrepresented high school students throughout the country

Adam & Christiaan

Adam and Christiaan work at True Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund with offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Northern Virginia. In these roles, we've reviewed pitch decks, heard pitches, and worked to help Founders get funded - let us tell how we think on our side of the table.

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