Present Like a Rockstar

, Speak, show and present like a pro.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn the principles of Rockstar Presentations
  • Learn to create a dynamic, poised and powerful presence
  • Create a persuasive, effective presentation
  • Improve your presentations with engaging, powerful stories
  • Improve your voice, vocal tone, accent, gestures and posture
  • Get confident in job and Media Interviews and TV appearances
  • Win any room and stand out from the crowd.


Rather than learning how to give a presentation the "right" way, the focus will be on learning to enjoy being in the spotlight and communicating your message in ways that are fun for you and therefore fun for your audienceAt the end of this workshop, students will learn the basics of how to apply improv to all kinds of presentations and will have practiced delivering several presentations for the class.

  • Present Like a Rockstar


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Taren Sterry

Speak, show and present like a pro.
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