Personal Branding: Succeed in the Job Market

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This class was such a success the first time, that we are offering it again for those who missed it. So come and transform your career through Personal Branding with Vaneese Johnson!

The job market nowadays is demanding professionals to portray themselves differently. More than ever, it is important that now you treat your career like you would a business: you are the product you are selling.

In this power-packed workshop, you will learn to use the successful tools that savvy professionals are employing to attract and create job opportunities. Vaneese will share insider information so that you can:

  • Identify your Personal Positioning
  • Use Proven Social Media Techniques that Work
  • Attract Hiring Managers, Recruiters and Head Hunters
  • Use the Top 5 Career Branding Tools
And ultimately, so that you are able to have more control over your career and goals.

Testimonials on Vaneese's teaching from pariSoma CoLearning class participants.

"Vaneese was fantastic. Information was practical. Loved the review of all the tools. Examples really helped solidify concept"

"I liked how the session was interactive. Vaneese's personal tips seemed very helpful"

"The materials were visually appealing. The instructor was personable, informed and clear. The class was great and very practical"

  • Personal Branding: Succeed in the Job Market


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An open incubator where ideas meet execution

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