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The Seeing Lab is a professional training to learn how to detect and read micro-expressions, small contractions of the facial muscles that last only tenths of a second, but give a window into what someone is truly feeling.

Did you ever talk with a client or a friend & get the feeling that there's something more they want to say? Maybe they said they were happy, but you noticed a hint of frustration. Or maybe they said were mad, and you noticed a hint of happiness.

In this course we use imaging software, the same kind used for training detectives and members of secret services, to assess & train your people-reading abilities. Your pretest and post-test scores will tell you what emotions you are best at detecting. Then, we talk about how to apply your skills.

Learning outcomes:

1. Measureable increase in ability to read micro-expressions

2. Deeper understanding of human motivation and emotions

As featured by: NBC news, GOOD, Time out NY

*Note - Class size will be 40 people, via LifeLabs. Seven tickets are available for Skillshare members.

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LifeLabs New York

LifeLabs New York

This course is brought to you by LifeLabs New York, a practice lab for life's most exciting skills. This session is taught by Dr. LeeAnn Renninger.  LeeAnn has taught the Seeing Lab to individuals and Fortune500 companies across 4 countries since 2003.

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