Passion to Prototype: turning passionate ideas into prototypes

, Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

Passion to Protoype - helping entrepreneurs turn their passionate ideas into prototypes


50+ participants, hour and hours of refinement, 9 months in the making

That "business plan" of yours...burn it. 

Business Plans - (symptoms) rigid, daunting, unrealistic. Analysis paralysis

Prototype - (benefits) flexible, iteractive, realistic. Lean. 

Have you

  • ....been frustrated with the process of sorting out your ideas?
  • ....had trouble deciding on what's the next step to take for your business idea?
  • ....been looking for ways to solidify a foundation for your business?

If any of the above has happened to you, then you know how frustrating it is to look at other businesses succeed and wonder just how they did it. 

There is no magic bullet to a successful company; however there are clear steps that one can take to build a platform for such success to take place. 

Join me and other smart passionate entreprenuers who have taken this class and figure out how to:

1. Deconstruct what your business ideas are

2. Engage in a constructive session that will outline steps for your business

3. Sort out your ideas and lay down a workable foundation

You're smart enough to figure it all out on your own and you've got something going. 

I've made all the mistakes for you. I've failed at not one but TWO businesses now. However, these experiences have paid the best interest and that's what I'm passing onto you, my experience. 

I didn't always have the answers, but like you I was a self motivator who knew that my success depended on no one but me. 

If you can dedicate two hours of your time, I'll teach you how to turn your passionate idea into a protoype. 

Save time, save money, relieve the stress, gain clarity, move faster. Build your protoype

Are you in?

If so, let's get to work. Time is ticking...

My Mission: To change the way that businesses are started forever by helping people understand the basic building blocks of business. 


Must have some sort of business idea that you have been looking to move forward.
  • Passion to Prototype: turning passionate ideas into prototypes

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Rafael Balbi

Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

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