Negotiating Startup Employee Salary and Compensation

, Terrible Labs

Joining a startup is fun and exciting but how do you figure out if the compensation package is right for you? With the stir of Zynga forcing employees to give back stock options, stories of startup woe are being shared all over the internet.

Most startups want you to take a salary cut in exchange for equity in the company but how big of a cut should you take? Should you take any pay cut at all?

Join us as we'll be talking to some industry veterans about what your expectations should be when making the decision to join a startup.
  • Negotiating Startup Employee Salary and Compensation


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Cortlandt Johnson

Terrible Labs
Panelists include:

Jennifer Lum - Angel Investor & Entrepreneur

Dave Balter - CEO of BzzAgent

Dave Cappillo - Partner at Goodwin Procter
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