Need Money or Volunteers? Raise $300-$10,000 for your project.

, crowdfunding for good

If you need money to get your green idea started or to buy materials, we will teach you how to successfully fundraise for your project, to engage your audience and to not go bankrupt yourself.

ioby connects people and money to site-based projects. All of these projects are conceived, designed, and run by neighbors—which ensures community buy-in, long-term caretakers and daily reminders of what’s been achieved.

We've helped about 200 projects raise over $400,000 for environmental projects around NYC in the past few years, and are now expanding our efforts nationwide. Community gardens, parks, kayaks, compost bins, bicycle programs, chickens, bees and dogs have all benefited from working with us.

So come by and we'll teach you the tried and true techniques of what we know!

  • Need Money or Volunteers? Raise $300-$10,000 for your project.

    ioby HQ

    41 E 11th Street 3rd Fl
    New York, NY

    Wed, January 25th, 2012

    6:00 pm - 7:45 pm EST

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crowdfunding for good

Karja Hansen will be teaching this class. She has 8 years of grassroots community building experience in Baltimore, DC and Miami and has lead numerous tactical community building events and projects around the country. 

ioby's team has 20+ years of experience in fundraising, community organizing, urban planning, water management, journalism, environmental policy, climate change, poverty issues, political organizing and CRM website development.

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    ioby HQ

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