Movement Mastery: The Psychology of Organizing

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I have come to understand that the biggest resistance to change is our ability to change ourselves. Movement Mastery’s mission is to transform the leadership of organizers so that they can be masters at understanding social change and human psychology. Our core belief is that social transformation starts with personal transformation, as organizations, movements, countries and economies are made of people like you and me.

In these 4 days, you will be in a state of purpose which will take you to:

Discover and nurture your true gifts
Learn the forces that shape your life, potential and the life of others
Measure and anticipate the life cycle’s of movements and organizations
Understand the core forces that create social change
Define your leadership style and create a plan for your growth

  • Movement Mastery: The Psychology of Organizing

    TBA, Boston, MA

    Boston, MA

    Thu, May 31st, 2012

    9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

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Carlos Saavedra

Movement Mastery

Carlos Saavedra serves as the National Coordinator for the United We Dream Network - a national institution that seeks to develop the leadership of the growing immigrant young community. Though Carlos had been an active member of UWD for years, he became the Network’s first staff member in October 2009 and took on the responsibility of building a national institution for immigrant youth in the country.

Carlos has been organizing in the immigrant community for many years. As an immigrant from Peru, he has seen first-hand the hardships faced by immigrants in Massachusetts.  For years Carlos has been part on the campaign to ensure that immigrant students in Massachusetts are able to fulfill their dreams of a college education and a better future. In 2005, Carlos was hired as a student organizer for the Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA). While with MIRA, he organized immigrant students across the state, and helped found the independent Student Immigrant Movement (SIM).

Recently, Carlos was chosen as one of the 2010’ Progressive Activist of the year award by the Nation Magazine. Carlos has been trained in leadership and organizing by the most prominent institutes and coaches in the field of social change across the country like Marshal Ganz, Lisa Fithian and the Industrial Areas Foundation.

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TBA, Boston, MA


Boston, MA

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