Marketing Your Etsy Shop

, Mandala Artist and Creative Business Educator

You've set up your Etsy shop and listed some items.  You've written brilliant descriptions and taken awesome photos.  Now what?  How can you get the word out about your amazing handmade items?

This is a workshop designed to help artists and craftspeople to improve their business and marketing capacity, providing a more in-depth look at the use of and other media for marketing and selling artwork and handmade items.  The workshop will cover:

  • A more in-depth look at Etsy, focusing on available marketing opportunities - teams, treasuries, search ads, coupon codes  - how does it all work?
  • A look at how to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your shop
  • Blogging and how artists use blogs to share their story and promote their work  
  • Using social media to market your work - a look at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and other social networking sites  
  • Where to find help and resources

The format of this class can be modified to suit the needs of the students.   More advanced groups might like to spend more time asking in-depth questions and receiving personalized shop critiques from Christine or engaging in a group critique session.  We can all learn from each other!  


Christine Claringbold is an artist, a teacher, a mom, and a backup singer in the punk rock band Dartgun and the Vignettes.  She launched Eye Pop Art in 2003, featuring psychedelic, geometric mandala art, home decor, jewelry, and accessories handmade from recycled vinyl records.
Christine lives in Southeast Portland with her husband and two teenage kids. She loves to read good books, listen to good music, and collect vintage psychedelic coffee cups.  Her professional experience includes 6 years as the program coordinator for the nonprofit organization Trillium Artisans, and many years teaching classes through local schools, SUN programs, and art studios. She is equally happy leading a mandala workshop for middle school kids, or teaching a group of adults about how to sell handmade items on Etsy.


It is recommended that you already have an Etsy shop and some experience with using the site. If you're looking for the basics, please sign up for Etsy Basics: Keys to Selling Online.
  • Marketing Your Etsy Shop


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Christine Claringbold

Mandala Artist and Creative Business Educator

Leadership and Adult Education


Christine Claringbold of Eye Pop Art is a leader in Portland's local creative community.  Over the last five years, she has acted as teacher, panelist, and consultant for artist professional development classes, workshops, and one-on-one lessons. Her focus is on helping artists and craftspeople to improve their business and marketing capacity, providing training on the use of and social media tools for listing and selling artwork and handmade items. 


Christine has taught classes, conducted shop critiques, and provided individual lessons and mentoring through her networks at Trillium Artisans, Hello Craft’s Summit of Awesome, the DIY Lounge at collage, the 100th Monkey Studio, the Salem Art Association, the PDX Etsy team and I Heart Art: Portland (a collaboration between Etsy, PDX Etsy, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Craft).


Christine developed her Etsy Basics class in 2008 for Trillium Artisans at the request of the Oregon Arts Commission, with help and input from Ryan of Littleput Books and LeBrie of Penfelt.  In 2009, Christine added another class, Marketing Your Etsy Shop.


Christine currently volunteers as the Secretary of I Heart Art: Portland. She is also one of the leaders of the PDX Etsy Team, and a member of the global Eco Etsy Team.

Christine is now excited to teach Etsy 101 as a certified Etsy Educator!


Art in the Schools


Throughout the life of her business, Christine has been actively engaged in teaching art to young people. She started out in 1999 as a volunteer for the PTA's Applied Arts Committee at Duniway Elementary School, which oversees an award-winning parent-led art education program.  

Christine has also taught mandala painting workshops, ceramics, and other children’s art classes and camps for:


  • Oregon College of Art and Craft's Art Adventures camp
  • The Regional Arts and Culture Council’s SUN Arts camps
  • Tucker-Maxon Oral School
  • Portland Parks and Recreation (Sellwood Community Center and Brooklyn Park)
  • Buckman Elementary School
  • Atkinson Elementary School
  • Kelly Elementary School
  • Whitman Elementary School
  • Lynch Wood Elementary School
  • Sellwood Middle School
  • da Vinci Arts Middle School
  • Henry Street School for International Studies (New York)
  • PAC 8 High School Art Conference
  • The 100th Monkey Studio
  • Portland Children's Museum


Work samples for these projects can be seen at the artist's website.

Interested in starting your own parent-led art program?  Read Christine's two-part series on the Etsy blog:

Parents Teach Art: A DIY Approach to Elementary School Art Education

Parents Teach Art, Part Two: Making it Happen



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