Learn How to Get your First Million Users

, COO at Dream Industries

"One of the best classes I've ever attended on Skillshare." - Founder of Skillshare Michael Karnjanaprakorn

"Highly actionable and thought provoking class. Recommend to any startup looking to quickly build their user base." - Jan Renner

“Michael's class was easily the best skillshare class I've taken and I've taken a number of them. This class is an absolute must for anyone involved with a startup. Michael knows user/customer acquisition inside and out and you will too if you sign up for this class.” - Carlo Cisco

Learn how to get the first million users to your service, or speed up your already decent growth. You will learn from my experience and lessons learned while building some of the largest social sites and apps in the global market today.

Areas covered will include:

  • Past mistakes to avoid
  • How viral systems work
  • How to use that knowledge to start virally expanding your userbase

You will walk out of  this class understanding:

  • the exact building blocks of virality within your own project and
  • how to put them into motion to start gaining large amounts of users (for free)

Michael Geer

COO at Dream Industries

Michael Geer is a Techstars mentor, a Board Advisor to several startups, teaches popular SkillShare classes on user acquisition and leads a social good for-profit meetup in NYC. MG has recently started a new venture as Founder of CauseCart - focusing on allowing users to raise funds for their chosen cause without donating any of their own time or money (launching soon). You can follow MG on Twitter: @geeria and more info here: http://www.crunchbase.com/person/mike-geer and here: http://michaelgeer.brandyourself.com/

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