Learn How To Meet New York's Top Investors

, Founder of Trustr, Angel Guru and HGCP

If you want a lecture look elsewhere, because this will be straight up Q & A. The best learning is done through experience so that is what this class will be offering. You will have a chance to ask me anything you want to know about networking from A to Z.

Only one person will be selected at the end of the class to spend one full 24 hour day shadowing me in New York. So prepare to experience a day in the life of a master networker. Please, if you have no intention of finding out how to become a master networker do not take this class.

Oren Bennett

Founder of Trustr, Angel Guru and HGCP

Networked with the likes of Peter Thiel, Billionaire John Paulson, Arianna Huffington, Reid Hoffman, John Frankel, Fred Wilson, Todd Dagres, Luke Nosek, Faheem Zaman, Kirill Shynkman, Jalak Jobanputra, Brad Feld, Esther Dyson, Eliot Durbin, Mark Suster, Charles Crockett, Chris Dixon, Mo Koyfman, Murat Aktihanoglu, David Tisch, Trevor Owens, Eric Ries, Nick Jonas, Dennis Crowley, Zak Schwarzman, Josh Kushner and many many more!

I'm the Founder of High Growth Capital Partners, where I work with early stage technology companies through both advising and hopefully investments. More info: hgcp.tumblr.com

I'm also Founder of Angel Guru, where I teach a class for new and emerging angel investors with valuable data deemed from interviews with success angels and entrepreneurs. More info: AngelGuru.me

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