Learn How To Meet New York's Top Investors

, Founder of Trustr, Angel Guru and HGCP

If you want a lecture look elsewhere, because this will be straight up Q & A. The best learning is done through experience so that is what this class will be offering. You will have a chance to ask me anything you want to know about networking from A to Z.

Only one person will be selected at the end of the class to spend one full 24 hour day shadowing me in New York. So prepare to experience a day in the life of a master networker. Please, if you have no intention of finding out how to become a master networker do not take this class.

Oren Bennett

Founder of Trustr, Angel Guru and HGCP

Recently , I started Trustr, which is disrupting the world of online networking. Since then, a number of people including me, have an extra 1000 hours. We're currently creating a list of things we want to do with all our extra time. 

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