Lean Startup: Advancing the Science of Entrepreneurship

, Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

This class is an introduction to key concepts Lean Startup and Customer Development based on the content we've taught to over 2,000 entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs.

With all of the hype surrounding Lean Startup methodologies, and all-star companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Etsy, and even Skillshare deploying lean processes, it's something any tech entrepreneur can't afford to pass up. 

The Lean Startup methodology is focused on achieving results efficiently by leveraging the scientific method to achieve product-market fit. By creating a Minimum Viable Product, and constantly running tests to (in)validate assumptions, you will soon find youself en route to traction.

The Topics:

  • The most common myths around Lean Startup
  • Differences with traditional business planning
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Questioning assumptions
  • Getting Out Of the Building
  • Finding and leveraging early adopters
  • Validation & currency

Please be sure to read the testimonials from the previous classes, including

PJ Heyer “Made the last-minute decision to come in for the class. Happy I did, because I was exposed to a completely new way of thinking about product/customer development and de-risking."

Cory Forsyth “I found this really eye-opening and enlightening. I was surprised at how much it started my internal motor turning on new ideas to apply at work.”

Courteney Ervin “LSM has given my team the tools it needs to push the needle forward!

  • Lean Startup: Advancing the Science of Entrepreneurship


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    Class will be a combination of lecture and exercises to apply the concepts. It will end with an open Q&A.


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Rafael Balbi

Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

Rafael Balbi (Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine) is changing the start-up process by giving aspiring business owners the tools they need to become successful entrepreneurs. Balbi believes that by simplifying the way that businesses are created, launched and developed, great minds can turn passion into an active and tangible pursuit. In other words, turning passion into a prototype.

Before working at Lean Startup Machine, Rafael founded and ran Franklin's Lab and has been featured in We Are NY Tech. 

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