Lean Product Development Workshop

, CEO & Founder of BizeeBee

Heard the buzz about Lean Product Development? Got an idea that you want to bring to the market using Lean Product Development techniques? Learn the best techniques for taking an idea and building a minimum viable product with limited resources that will attract users!


  • Lean Product Development Workshop


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    Student Takeaways: 

    In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to:

    • Take your idea, create features around it, and choose the ones that that should make up your minimum viable product (MVP)
    • Use that MVP to perform usability tests on potential users. 
    • Learn how to use Balsamiq, an online tool, to create an actual wireframe mockup of your MVP.

    Who should attend this workshop:

    Founders and product managers who are seriously interested in bringing a product to market, with limited resources, or those who are new to product development.  

    The focus will solely be on internet businesses and software products. Software development or engineering experience is not required, nor do you need to have any technical expertise.

    Required Software:

    Before the workshop, sign up and install a free trial version of Balsamiq, and watch this video tutorial. Familiarize yourself with Balsamiq so you are comfortable creating a mockup in class.


    Coming Soon...

Poornima Vijayashanker

CEO & Founder of BizeeBee

Poornima Vijayashanker is a software engineer and entrepreneur. She was one of the first engineers at Mint.com, a startup, which was acquired by Intuit. Prior to joining startup land she studied Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Duke University. She is currently CEO and Founder of BizeeBee, which she was inspired to start after consulting with local businesses looking to improve their management practices. You can find her on Twitter @poornima.

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