Langanomics 101: A Beginner's Course to Language Learning

Are a travel person, yet you can't pick up any languages?

How will you interact during your business trip to Spain? Or the romantic adventure through Paris? Or the mountain riding on the Islands of Indonesia?

Let's be honest. Languages learning can be one of the hardest skills to learn, especially if you've never left the U.S. I don't think Rosetta Stone or any program, for that matter, can truly show how important it is interact with people from other nationalities.

This class will teach you some quick and easy steps to understanding what a languages is comprised of and how you can learn it by breaking down the basics - no matter how tough the languages may sound.

Why is this class useful? Through emotional expression and simple dialogue, you can pretty much figure out what a person is trying to say or do. This applies in all settings and is especially useful when you need to figure out how to get to the city when you are lost in a baboon-infested rain forest.

THIS CLASS WILL BE INTERACTIVE! In order for everyone to understand and use the techniques described in the class, students will be working in groups of 3.

What will students learn?

1. How to survive in the jungle (Very Important!)

2. How to understand a language you don't understand

3. How to increase your ability to learn languages

4. *BONUS* ( You'll find out during the class! )

  • Langanomics 101: A Beginner's Course to Language Learning


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Eyram Sotome

Eyram Sotome is a fluent speaker of 5 languages, a teaching assistant at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU, and a soon to be Mechanical Engineer. During his childhood, he has traveled through many different countries (such as France, Germany, Italy, Togo, Dominican Republic, others..) and clearly understand how adapting to different cultures and languages works. He also continues to study new languages and enjoys breaking them apart (and reusing them in his own ways). Don't let the degree fool you - he's a friendly person!
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