Introductory Course - Maximize Your Thinking Potential!

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In less than two hours, receive an introduction to a crisp, systematic and clear way of thinking that is beneficial for both teams and individuals. 

Certified Six Hats Trainer, Hakeem Rahim will introduce Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats Method.  This one and a half hour course will teach you the concept of "Parallel Thinking," a thinking tool developed by creativity guru Edward de Bono.  The Six Thinking Hats Method teaches the concept of thinking in 6 different directions.  You will learn how to in effect "slow your thinking down to speed it up."

Dr. Edward de Bono is an award-winning, leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill.  One of the tools he created, Six Thinking Hats, is the parallel thinking process in action.  Parallel thinking is a revolutionary process because it goes "from debating what is to design what can be," by avoiding argumentative discussion.

Team Benefits of Six Thinking Hats Include:

  • Increased meeting participation and productivity 
  • Increased confidence in the quality of decisions made
  • Increased capacity for group creativity and out-of-the box thinking

Individual Benefits of Six Thinking Hats Include:

  • Increased confidence in your thinking abilities 
  • Clearer more succinct thinking that will set you apart from colleagues
  • Increased ability to think out-of-the-box that will provide you a leg up

Receive an introduction to this effective thinking tool in this course.  Attendees will receive $10 credit towards the one-day training course.

Hakeem Rahim

Life Coach| Speaker |Facilitator


"Life coaching was my first best investment in my life to better myself! Since undergoing my process of self-healing and coaching work with Hakeem and I have found myself in a very great position! Needless to say, I had much to work on in regards to my spirituality, personal growth, organization skills and my work ethics. After my coaching work, not only was I able to continue to work on what I learned, I had the confidence to do greater things!"  ~B. Ramos, Life Coaching Client

"I had the great fortune of connecting with Hakeem at a critical juncture in my soul work and am convinced a divine force made it so our paths would cross in the manner and time in which they did.  From our very first life coaching session, the warmth of his glow provided me with the confidence to reveal and embrace my authentic self.  With his profound compassion and gentle reassurance, he creates a serene space for deep self-introspection and an awareness of one’s own radiant essence. His sincere desire to support and encourage others to live their life purpose is beautifully altruistic.  Hakeem is understanding, sensitive, and fully present; all qualities that when combined with his acute level of consciousness foster an amazing symbiosis of the minds and spirits." ~26-Year Old Life Coaching Client

Life Coach Hakeem Rahim, Ed.M, M.A.

Hakeem Rahim graduated cum laude with a BA in psychology from Harvard University and graduated with an Ed.M and an M.A. from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, with a focus on higher education and multiculturalism. He is certified in de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking methodologies

Hakeem is a graduate of iPEC, an accredited life coach training institute.  He is affiliated with Jasmin Balance, a counseling and wellness company.  Hakeem is an experienced public speaker most notably in the education and mental health arenas.  He is also a recorded spoken word artist and performer.

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