Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity

, Musician & Music Marketing Specialist

  • Are you tired of being talented, but unknown?
  • Do you ever wonder why the Kardashians have a reality TV show, but you don't?
  • Are you struggling to get new clients and customers?
  • Do you want to market yourself or your business online, but don't know where to start?
One way to stand out is to create an online presence for your talents which helps you to boost your visibility, and increase your income. 
Internet fame has created stars out folks like Gary Vaynerchuk and Justin Bieber - why not you too?
  • ...having thousands of fans around the world who watch your videos or read your blog
  • ...clients and customers seeking YOU out instead of you chasing them
  • ...charging more for your services - and getting what you ask for!

Do you realize how powerful internet fame is? There is no virtue in being wildly talented if no one knows you exist. Creating an online platform for your talents or expertise increases your perceived value which leads to more opportunities and increased income.  

I'm Carla Lynne Hall, Founder of Internet Famous VIP, and I'm known for teaching entrepreneurs and artists how to build an online presence that raises visibility, attracts more clients, and increases income! 

Since 2000, I have helped over 1573 entrepreneurs market themselves online, and I CAN HELP YOU TOO!

I've compiled my favorite online marketing techniques and created a 2-hour workshop for folks ready to take their career to the next level: Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity.

In "Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity", you will learn how to:

  • Create Your Own LEGEND that others will share
  • Develop STORYLINES to position your expertise
  • Design a CONTENT STRATEGY to capture and keep attention
  • OPTIMIZE Your Website(s) for Search Engines (SEO)
  • And MORE!
This class will teach you how to use social media, internet marketing techniques, and a bit or psychology to promote yourself, and your products and services. In addition, we'll share case studies from online celebrities to show you how they did it, and inspire your own journey towards internet fame.
Will this class work for you? You'll never know unless you sign up now while seats are still available. Class size is limited, so sign up today. Sign up at least a week early and get $5 off the price - Enter discount code FAME5. 
PS - After signing up for this class, will receive the free eReport: "7 Steps to Internet Fame" before the workshop so you can start increasing your visibility NOW!

"Carla really knows her stuff!  What's great is that she's able to relate as both a businesswoman and an artist, so I know that she knows where I'm coming from, yet definitely helping me get to where I want to go!"  --Dave Jay,
“Carla, my experience with you has been AMAZING! Your positive attitude is infectious. Thanks to you, I’m thinking of starting my own blog! I’ve learned so much about online presence, and I will take that knowledge with me.” – Marissa Z, Chicago, IL
Carla - you are a beautiful, bright spirit and I feel so lucky to have taken this class with you. I love your positivity, and I know that everything you speak of is through your own experience. Thank you so much for your generosity and for providing this platform and community. I appreciate it so much."  – survey response
“Working with Carla was such an amazing experience, and I feel that it has provided me with a great foundation to base my musical career! I also want to mention the tremendous help she has been. Not only is she an amazing artist but an amazing person!”  – Stephen Carmichael,
“Carla, thank you so much for your ideas, inspiration and positive energy – and inspiring us to ‘Bring It!’ ” – Cady Finlayson,
“Carla, I really learned a lot from our discussions and your vast knowledge of websites! I’m thankful for your continued encouragement and support as I ventured with different business ideas.” – Suzanne C, New York, NY
  • Internet Famous: How to Become an Online Celebrity


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Carla Lynne Hall

Musician & Music Marketing Specialist

Carla Lynne Hall is a Musician and Music Marketing Specialist and Founder of Rock Star Life Lessons, a musician lifestyle brand which helps musicians grow their audiences and become self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Carla is also a Graduate and Course Leader for Workshop In Business Opportunities' (WIBO) "How to Build a Growing Profitable Business" workshop, which has developed NYC-based entrepreneurs for over 40 years.

As a musician, Carla has released four independent CDs under her own Moxie Entertainment label: Front & Center, My First Child Lullaby Single, Supernova, and Dirty5 while holding day jobs in music publishing, music management, and music publicity. Carla began writing how-to articles for musicians for which led to her "The Biz" music business column for VIBE Magazine

Carla is a Skillshare Master Teacher, as well as a Course Leader for Creative Capital's "Internet for Artists", a workshop that teaches artists around the country how to use the internet to promote their work. She is the former Director of Online Courses at Ariel Publicity. Carla is also the author of three books: The DIY Guide to the Music Biz, Twitter for Musicians, and Musician's Roadmap to Facebook and Twitter with Ariel Hyatt.

Carla also has a popular blog and podcast for musicians at Over the past 15 years, she has parlayed her internet fame into four indie CDs, three books, an international tribe of friends, followers, and fans, and a new TV Show, Carla Lynne Hall: Music Trekker, on Time Warner Cable in New York City.

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