Improv in Interviews: Incorporate Spontaneity Into Communication

Imagine you bump into a stranger who, after a few minutes of conversation, invites you to interview for your dream job.  Tomorrow. 

 How much does the job itself have to do with your ability to interview well? Does it matter? If you can't interview well, you may not get the chance to prove yourself on the job.

 How would your nerves affect you?  Would you clam up, or talk too much? Would you be able to read the tone of the company and your interviewer? Would you be ready to pitch yourself? What can you say and do to leave behind a great impression?

 After completing this course you will have the skills you need, and you'll have guidelines to continue to practice and improve on your own.

 In improv comedy, you practice the ability to share a conversation and build off of your partner. To listen to his or her whole message and react in real-time. To speak up and share your personality without being domineering.

 This course focuses on combining the structure of interview prep with the spontaneity of improv.  It's a professional evaluation and an experiential training session. It will improve your skills as a pitcher or interviewee in three ways:

 1) Practical tools: You will learn how to prepare and structure your pitch and personal brand (a framework of how to effectively tell your story & strengths in alluring soundbytes). You'll learn how to fine-tune your verbals and non-verbals for effective interviewing, so that you effortlessly answer questions in ways that impress potential colleagues. At the same time, you'll practice listening and responding to your interviewer's non-verbals.

 2) Practice: You'll get to isolate particular aspects of the interview process and train your instincts to make yourself more fluid at the interview. You'll practice these skills in a risk-free, inclusive environment, and learn exercises for continued practice at home.

 3) Real-time, personalized feedback loops: It's hard to find out how we really come across. In this course you will find out. You'll get feedback from the group and the instructors on how you come across, and you'll get to watch yourself on camera so you can see for yourself (sounds scary, but don't worry -we're in this together). After filming, you will get additional practice in fine-tuning the exact improvements you need. 

Early Bird Special - Sign up by July 3rd to get the $135 class price!  After that, the price jumps to $155.  

  • Improv in Interviews: Incorporate Spontaneity Into Communication

    Simple Studios

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    Tue, July 17th, 2012

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Angela Lee

Angela Lee is a strategy consultant, lecturer, and coach who helps professionals in all phases of the career process:  figuring out what career path is right, searching for jobs, interviewing, honing resumes, negotiating, and even how to leave a job effectively.  She is a lecturer at Columbia Business School, NYU, and UC Berkeley on the topics of effective communication, strategic decision making, and marketing innovation.

Pat Shay is an instructor at the Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT). A twenty-year veteran of improv theater in Chicago and New York, he has toured for iO and The Second City. As a teacher and coach, he's worked with thousands of performers of all skill levels – from weekend hobbyists to Broadway and Film stars. He has also coached MBA Students at Columbia University and consultants at AT Kearney & Deloitte and many others.  You can read more about Pat here.  

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