Hustle 101: Get more clients and close more deals (COURSE)

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This is a course is for the start-up founder and biz dev roles who are looking to boost their ventures 10x. It's a combination of partnerships, branding and business development where you are encouraged to be a refined version of yourself, to learn the delicate balance necessary to create credibility and trust and to do so with enough people that your venture is grown 10x.
Most professionals approach these types of courses with basic sales tactics rebranded under the biz dev title. And while sales tactics are very useful, the 10x solution is still not solved: how do you grow your venture to be far bigger than just you?

It is an absolute fact that you will not get to there on tactics alone. The reality is that to be an innovator that is welcomed to the TED stage, the one that partners with major brands like Virgin and GE, and the one that is trusted and revered, you need to be a thought leader.
It is a totally different approach to business development, one very few people know or even talk about but one that is absolutely necessary to penetrate the more competitive markets where people are buying image, trust and predictability. I promise you this is the most honest and straight forward class for why your business is stagnant and how partnerships, in the realest way, can help you grow.
Some questions we will address: 
How do you build credibility when you haven't built anything yet?

Do you want to create partnerships or client-relationships with major corporations?

How are you going to grow the company once you've received funding?

How do you build relationships with real decision makers at Fortune 500 corporations?

And how do you build the right credibility so corporations take you seirously?

** if you work at a start-up and see value in more than one team member taking the class, email me and we can create some kind of sweet discount. [email protected]

Show up ready to work on a business that will deliver immense value to the world. And if you don't believe in your current product/service, be ready to build something else.
  • Understanding and Creating Value


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    So many of my students are convinced that they aren't selling because they can't close.
    But what many people don't realize is that maybe their lack of partnerships has more to do with the beginning, their first encounter.

    If you don't understand why someone would want to talk to you, then there is no need to ever have a conversation. 

    A lot of of my peers and students feel like: 

    "I feel like a phony. I know our product works but I don't know how to demonstrate value because we don't have a ton of users or customers. "

    "I'm afraid of being too pushy or of sounding like a sales person. I don't want to push anyone away."

    "What if they think I'm an amateur, too young, too old, or boring?"

    In this class we will address the following:

    • Why are you really here and what are you aiming to do? Where are you taking your company in the next 6-12 months? Figuring out your vision.
    • How to articulate your value in a conversation (even if you have limited customers...forget "pitch")
    • Learn to be yourself and not compromise who you are to sell
    • In class practice, homework, pitch feedback and exercises to bring out the total bad ass in you.

    ** Please come in comfortable clothes. Exercise will be a part of this class (no joke!)
    More Questions we'll cover:

    • How do you have a conversation that demonstrates your chops without sounding boring, dull and "overly professional"?
    • How can you build relationships being yourself?
    • What do you say when you meet someone for the first time? The second, third, fourth time?
    • Why business cards are dumb (let's be honest here)...

    What others are saying:

    “'Sales' was always a dirty word to me until I met Lauryn. What Lauryn is especially skilled at is identifying and addressing the fears that make us avoid selling, and she shifts our perception of sales away from the greasy car salesman selling us things we don't need, to that of a person sharing their passion for things that make our lives better. Lauryn gives great practical advice that will reframe your thinking about sales and help you the gain momentum you need for your business.” - Jessica Lawrence, Managing Director at NY Tech Meetup 

    “Lauryn is just fantastic! You'd be surprised at how much she knows, she's always willing to share and help. Her teaching style is also really good - you'll take away a lot. Definitely take her class! ” - Deepak Raj Devjani

    “Great energy and easy to open up to. A fun presence and brings some awesome real examples to the table.” - Devin Hughes


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  • Choosing your future partners


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    Hands down, learning how to reach hard to contact people is one of the best skills you will ever develop (ever). You will learn part of that magical skill in this class (in addition to the process).

    Who in your business is ignoring you and how can you get them to talk to you?

    What would that do for your business (and self-esteem)?

    The aim at this class is that you build off the week before and walk away with a solid list of potential partners, email scripts to reach out to them and within the next week have meetings lined up to talk business!

    What you will learn:

    • How to pick potential partners
    • Where to find potential leads (and how to know if they're any good)
    • How to write awesome emails that more people read
    • The one-two email punch to get people on the phone
    • How to add urgency in all that you do

    What you will leave with:

    • A list of 25 potential partners
    • Email scripts to reach out to each partner
    • Ideally: meetings!

    What People Are Saying:

    “Really enjoyed the last session with Lauryn Ballesteros.  Very impressed -- I could have listened to her for hours. Not only was she very knowledgeable about sales and marketing, but she spoke with such passion and enthusiasm. Many people twice her age don't know half as much. I predict a GREAT future for her, whatever she does!” - Daryl Gerke, Jump to Consulting 

     “Fantastic class. That provides actionable steps towards acquiring potential customers/relationships, which alone could provide massive sales growth for any business.” - Michael Cole

    “Loved this class” - Ben Tseitlin


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  • Creating an all-star network


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    They say it's all about who you know, but how do you get to the point where you actually know influential people?

    The reality is that you should be building your network long before you ever want to leverage it. You will find this to be even more relevant as you do larger and larger partnerships with even bigger clients.

    The fundamental difference between this class and a learning how to pitch class is that this teaches you how to create a network where you position yourself as a leader, as intelligent, and as a solution to industry's problem.

    It's trust and depth. 

    It's long term versus transactional.

    And it works.

    What you will learn:

    • Learn how to build your network and expand your reach by helping other do the same.
    • How to leverage different reasons to set people you admire (interviews, magazines, LinkedIn, lunches and golden lists).
    • How to never cold-call again.
    • In class practice, homework, pitch feedback and exercises to bring out the total bad ass in you.

    What you will leave with:

    • Solid game-plan to start building your empire
    • Resources to create your network (that maybe you never thought of)
    • Top insights into how to befriend hard to reach people (and why many people never succeed) 

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  • Game Time: Meetings and Closing


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    You have a list of potential partners, meetings established and you're on you're 2nd or 3rd conversation. This can be the most exciting and stressful time of the process where all your hard work begins to pay off. But the fear of failing is greatest here than at any other point (because now you have something to lose, right?).

    In this class we'll address the following:

    • How do we dictate the meeting?
    • What do we say?
    • What don't we say?
    • Do we use powerpoint? iPad? Keynote?
    • Do we have them sign the contract then and there?
    • Do we need a follow-up meeting?

    In this class you'll:

    • Practice a live pitch
    • Learn to navigate a conversation
    • Understanding value part 2
    • Dealing with objections
    • How to ask for money or action

    Coming Soon...

Lauryn Ballesteros

Director, Instigator, Airbnb All Star

I’m a firecracker obsessed with growth. A curious impresario who believes that authenticity and entrepreneurship will change the global landscape we live in for the better. Above and beyond anything else, I think that life is an adventure, one that I’m ready to rock until the end.

In the past, I helped launch The Domino Project with Seth Godin and created partnerships with major brands like AMEX, Experian, GE and Ashley Sleep. It was in that role that I raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships and donations for the Acumen Fund, NYT best selling authors Malaria No More. We also facilitated the free distribution of over 100,000 best-selling books. 

Later, as VP of Partnerships at Squidoo, the 60th largest website in the USA, I created partnerships with Fortune 500 brands to teach them how to use content + sponsorships as effective marketing tools.  

I’ve been seen as a speaker at TEDxTraverseCity, TEDxAsylumHill, Fast Company, Mashable, End Malaria and others.

These days, I'm a cultural entrepreneur, blogger, talk-show host, speaker and all-around partnership, sales and branding expert.

I've been seen in Fast Company, Mashable, and Forbes. A noted writer and speaker, I was published in the bestselling book End Malaria alongside thought leaders Sir Ken Robinson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Pam Slim and Derek Sivers.

I swear by boldness, vision and action and currently split my time between New York City and Rome, Italy.Tweet me @heylaurynbee!

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