How to get everyone to open and answer your emails

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How many emails, letters or memos (old school) do you send to people and regrettably they don't respond to?


What would it do for your self-confidence, business and overall productivity if people got back to you with a desire to know more?

It would make a HUGE difference.

This class is simple. It will teach you how to write killer copy to get the potential investor, employer, mentor or client to write back and want to know more.

How to get in the recipient's head

Who you should really send the email to and why

Why it matters who you're speaking to

Understanding what will be done with the email and why that impacts how/when you write it

And more...

Because the goal isn't to get someone to say yes just with one email; it's to get them to respond.

And that is exactly what this teaches: the science behind writing short emails that hypnotize.

What to bring:

- You

- A friend (for free of course)

- Paper & Pen

  • How to get everyone to open and answer your emails


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Lauryn Ballesteros

Director, Instigator, Airbnb All Star

Lauryn Ballesteros relentlessly questions how brands, start-ups and leaders can show up more authentically in the world. 

Currently, she’s the VP of Partnerships for Seth Godin’s Squidoo (60th largest website in the USA) where she works with premium brands like Kraft, GE and others to build that very trust and credibility in the digital landscape. 

She’s been seen in Fast Company, Mashable and others and was recently published in the bestselling book End Malaria alongside authors Tom Peters, Gary Vaynerchuk and Derek Sivers. She swears by boldness, unmatched hustle and a little bit of luck. You can follow her @heylaurynbee or read her work at

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