How to find a technical co-founder and build your first prototype

Do you have the vision and ability to bring a great idea to the market, but the only thing missing is the tech? 

Everyone is saying that you need to find a tech co-founder, but you're not quite sure where to even start looking? 

What's more important, how do you know which one of the tech gurus you're talking to would actually turn out to be a great partner?

If any of these questions are relevant - then this class is for you. 

Here's what you are going to learn:

  • Finding a technical co-founder vs building a prototype yourself. Pros and cons. 
  • The other side's perspective - what a technical co-founder is looking for? Why some ideas don't seem that intriguing to be a part of (from the tech perspective), and what makes your pitch to a tech person more appealing. 
  • Should I learn how to code myself or is it a waste of time? 
  • Equity split - what percentage should the tech get
  • How to meet technical talent and who you should be looking for - developer vs project manager vs CTO
  • Lean startup and agile MVP development - why it's important to be on the same page with your co-founder
  • What can and can't be outsourced/crowdsourced to get your prototype built - design vs development, tips&tricks, links, q&a
  • Why you may want to have more than one technical co-founder - Mobile vs Web. 

Kateryna Sytnyk

I'm currently a Technical co-founder of SPINRS (the Web part) and Co-Founder MerXz (both tech and biz dev). I was involved with 3 startups prior to this (being a technical co-founder) before I moved to NYC. A lot of things learned, both on the technical part and in dealing with non-tech founders, so hopefully you'll learn on my mistakes. 

I've been a web developer, database developer, technical lead, team lead, technical project manager, Scrum master, business analyst. Worked with both in-house and distributed teams. Had an outsourced dedicated team in Ukraine, and also managed a gazillion of freelancers worldwide. 

I was involved in all kinds of technical development - from running my own consulting agency Yellow Mice,  helping digital marketing agencies ( , to working in tech on Wall street. 

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