How to Incorporate & Why It'll Make You Fail.

, Certified Public Accountant and Founder

Incorporating is going to make you fail. Don't believe me? I'll show you why and how a small business or startup should forget ever hearing about "incorporations." You'll hear stories about other startups and entrepreneurs that learned the hard way before I got them out of a jam.

Wait should you be convincing us to incorporate?!?


I don't get paid by godaddy or anyone for affiliate marketing. I'm here to save you money and time.

Before you incorporate, you're going to ask the following 3 things:
1. Why should I incorporate?
2. What should I incorporate?
3. How do I incorporate?

Then, you're going to realize one of the following:
1. Thank you, Cam. You're awesome and you saved a ton of money
2. I'm an exception to the rule (possible)

If you realize that incorporations are terrible, then I'll show you the best alternative to incorporating that's faster, cheaper and still feels like a corp!

If you decide to incorporate anyway. Then, I'll make sure you leave with one =)

Class format: Jokes, stories and downloading tons of info directly into your head. I'll provide a website that'll give you all the details you'll need.

You can find out more about me from my interview on Mixergy, my writings in tax publications and case-studies at

Btw, this class is tax deductible as a charitable donation to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit =D lol. I'm saving you money already haha.
  • How to Incorporate & Why It'll Make You Fail.


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Cameron Keng

Certified Public Accountant and Founder
I'm a licensed Certified Public Accountant and Enrolled Agent, who's worked in public accounting at firms such as PwC and KPMG. Also, I'm a licensed Business Teacher by the New York State Department of Education. I started and run a nonprofit in a partnership with the IRS to help low-income families, the elderly and non-english speaking immigrants.
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