How to Create a Business Model: 7 Steps

, Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

Business Model noun [biz.nis mod.l]  - the plan generated by a company to create and deliver value; in exchange for delivering this value the company receives value back.


'An investment in experience pays the best interest’.

Time and time again I have failed and I have succeeded in the world of business. My experiences and knowledge have culminated into the wealth of knowledge shared in this class.

As an early stage entrepreneur, you probably face some of these problems

You struggle to find the right words to explain your business... You don’t know what your business model is... You can't prove which key activities are worth pursuing for your business..

If you are facing these issues,  you agree the worst part is knowing that there is no clear path to fix these issues.

Join me and the other smart and passionate students who have taken this class and figure out how to:

Deconstruct what a business model is and how to build a solid one that you will understand Engage in a constructive session that will outline steps for your business Sort out your ideas and put them into a format that allows for clear and positive action

Building a business is hard, and understanding the intricacies are daunting. However, I am here to share my own failures and successes; which will provide clarity and confidence.

You're smart enough to figure it all out on your own and you’ve got something going.

I've made all the big mistakes for you. I've failed at not one but TWO businesses now and have had many more ideas that started but sputtered off into the abyss of ‘what if’.

I didn’t always have all the answers but like you I was a self motivator who knew that my success depended on no one but ME.

If you can dedicate two hours of your time, I'll teach you how to create and develop a business model that makes sense to you.

Are you in?
If so, I'm ready for you.

I'm going to change the way that business are started forever by helping people understand the basic building blocks.

Don't forget to bring an open mind, a business idea, and a smile. :) 

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Rafael Balbi

Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

Director of Operations at Lean Startup Machine

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