How To Cold Call Like a Boss

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If you're in charge of sales and business development...

When was the last time you picked up a phone and dialed someone you didn't know? Someone that you've never met and is just a name and number on your monitor…?

Doing cold calls is terrifying for most people. It's difficult to face the reality that most people don't want to talk to you! Like most people, you probably even feel like you're annoying them just by picking up the phone… and you probably don't know what to do with them even if they answer.

The problem isn't the prospect, it's your bad attitude, behavior, and technique!

Taariq Lewis regularly pounds the phone, cold calling business prospects and getting 50% of those calls on the phone, sharing their deepest fears and highest aspirations. He's a cold-call sales and marketing machine.
Cold calling isn't difficult! You just don't know how to approach it and do it well.

In this 1.5 hour presentation, Taariq will cover the three major points of cold calling that will help you dial that phone LIKE A BOSS! You'll walk out of the room with the confidence to pick up the phone, dial cold prospects, get them to spill their guts, and talk to them like you care.

This is a condensed, rough-and-tough version of Taariq's previous $45 workshop. Come to Taariq's 1.5 hour presentation and walk out with phone in hand like a boss!

You'll learn:

  • Attitude - how to overcome the terror of cold calls
  • Behavior - how to place 100 calls a day and not burn out
  • Technique - how to handle objections and stalls once they're on the phone
It's time to get paid!

P.S. this has never been available in the past at this price. Take advantage of it while you can!


As in all pariSoma CoLearning classes, snacks and beverages will be provided!
Due to this class' popularity, we are openning more spots than usual for participants so get you're ticket now before we ran out.

Read what former pariSoma CoLearning class participants saying about Taariq's Cold Calling classes:

"Taariq was great! I would highly recommend anyone to attend his class. Who knew there was a science behind cold calling?"

"Taariq makes the dry material fun and engaging"

"I learned stuff they don’t teach in college"

"Great tips, techniques. Taariq is lighthearted and engaging"


  • How To Cold Call Like a Boss


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