How To Build a Team To Tackle Collaborative Consumption

, Entrepreneur in Residence at Collaborative Fund

As an investor for Collaborative Fund and as a founding employee of a venture-backed startup which sold, I've seen 50 pitches from worthy teams, been a part of a few, and know what Collaborative Fund likes to see in a team. Having sat in on the Skillshare "Class Design" course, which I found wonderfully interesting, I am learning that not only is it important to include the 'curriculum', as it were, but also why i'm interested in teaching this class. I've had ups and downs aplenty over the last couple of years, from abandonded acquisition offers to fears of bankruptcy: high highs and frequent lows. It's been extremely humbling, exciting, and inspiring to be in the trenches and see how challenging it is to get a team together, and to feel confident in the team you've assembled. I only hope to share some of the things I've learned from my experiences, and hopefully you can shape my story to fit yours!
In this class, I will provide insights into how to build a team that will succeed in the P2P space. Specifically, I will discuss: 
  1. Product-Market Fit (Founder-Market Fit):  How to choose 'your top thing' and how to know whether that top thing lines up with your skillset or your interest set
  2. Cultural Relevance:   If your product were to become huge - how would it change culture, and what does "change culture" mean from Collaborative Fund's perspective 
  3. Hiring A-Players:   What makes an A-player, how do you find them,  and why they are important
  4. Builders and Sellers:   Why esoteric titles don't work and the importance of simplifying roles  
  5. Technologists:   When to outsource and how to outsource

  • How To Build a Team To Tackle Collaborative Consumption


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Kanyi Maqubela

Entrepreneur in Residence at Collaborative Fund

Kanyi Maqubela is an entrepreneur and early-stage operator in consumer technology. He was on the founding team for Doostang and One Block Off the Grid. He currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence for Collaborative Fund.

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