How To Build Your Personal Brand

, Relationships Manager @ Luvocracy

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed. With over 9 percent of Americans (many - skilled) out of work, the competition for existing roles is stronger than ever... Luckily, with new marketing channels and media platforms (LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr) just a-click-away, there are more ways than ever to standout from the crowd, promote your skills, and build a personal brand worthy of remark. As the economy continues to wane, it's time to invest not in other people's futures - but your own. The way we see it - it's never too early to take the reigns as a CEO of SOMETHING, and it's never too late to build the brand called YOU.

Pre-Class Warm Up:
In-Class TOC:
  • Introduction to personal branding & outline of the differences between personal branding & traditional (product) branding
  • Overview of positioning & messaging, rules for maintaining congruency across platforms
  • Identification of key tools and channels key to building your brand from the ground up & from your living room - OUT
  • 30-minute work session in which we will divide into teams, develop & discuss communication plans for "hypothetical" personal brands

Key Takeaways:
Leave with fresh methods and unique ideas on how to build up, build out, and better your brand across multiple platforms and channels, both on the web and within your community.
  • How To Build Your Personal Brand


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Stevie-Nicole Belchak

Relationships Manager @ Luvocracy

A Community Manager with the Skillshare team, I come from a background in branding.  As a former brand consultant wtih SALT branding in San Francisco, I have had much experience with the "Art of Naming" and worked with a wide-variety of Fortune 100 companies and smaller Silicon Valley startups on their brand archtiecture & naming strategy. 

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