Hacking Your Marketing & Community Efforts

, Marketing and Community Expert

You hired that essential community person, or you are that person. You have programs out the wazoo - community ambassadors, partnerships, contests, social media, Facebook ads.

What’s working, and what’s not? Do you even know?

Your best growth hacks come from within. In this workshop you will be hacking at everything you do already, for its own good. You'll leave with the knowledge of what is working, what to stop doing, and what to double-down on. 

Where to begin

Not everything you are doing is wrong, but you may need a better sense of where you are going and how to get there. People often don't know if what they are doing is working  - measuring things that don't matter, focusing on activities that aren't elemental to growth, or just keeping up with a complicated mix of a little bit of everything. Making the most of your marketing and community efforts works best when you've got it down to its atomic elements. 

What you'll learn and do in this class

In this class we will analyze students' marketing programs. Students should prepare by surveying their own marketing and/or community growth programs and be ready to share with the group. We’ll look at a few programs, and break down how you go from just doing work to determining if its really working for you. You’ll walk away with a framework to determine what to stop doing and double-down on and apply to your company.

Your responsibility is to drive growth, and your goal is to succeed. CEO/founder, growth hacker, product manager, engineering lead, community manager, head of marketing. This is not a technical class, but you need to have a flexible and strategic mind, great instincts, and a basic understanding of data analysis, specifically: clickthrough, conversion, Google Analytics, analyzing data in a spreadsheet, or a desire to learn them quickly.
  • Hacking your marketing and community efforts


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    Class Outline

    First we'll determine the metrics that indicate real growth for particular program or business. This is largely a thinking exercise about what is really important for the business and what conversion or engagement numbers are true indicators of success. Too often, people are focusing on success metrics that don't connect directly with growth. 

    The second part of our survey will consist of evaluating what you're doing - all of it - and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Much of the work you end up doing is "maintaining" versus "driving".

    What's the different between driving and maintaining? Maintaining often has diffuse returns that you know matter, but can't quite determine why or how. Driver programs give you a clear return. 

    Cut the fat and double-down. 


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    Tue, September 25th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Tara Kirchner

Marketing and Community Expert

Tara Suan Kirchner

Head of Marketing & Community, Skillshare

Tara recently relocated from San Francisco where she ran marketing for Flickr for 4+ years. During her tenure, Tara led brand, product and acquisition marketing worldwide, helping Flickr grow to 50+ million registered users. In her not-copious spare time, Tara loves to cook and learn to code.

Tara loves to mentor smart, ambitious, creative and hardworking marketers and turn them into MVPs that are mission critical.

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