Grassroots Marketing

, Global Cultural Director at Anomaly

Grassroots marketing is all about people. Connect with consumers. Build your brand through relationships.

Effective grassroots promotion can create great lasting results that go beyond a one time event.

 Topics covered will include:

  • Examples of some of campaigns I've worked on and why they were successful
  • Communicating and building relationships with consumers
  • Targeting your message correctly


  • Grassroots Marketing


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Stanley Lumax

Global Cultural Director at Anomaly

Grassroots Marketing is a big part of what I've done througout my career. it is what has made me unique in my approach to advertising. I've done everything from regional activations for Verizon Wireless to take a Converse campaign from one time activation to branded content aired on MTV. The accomplishment isn't growing the campaign, its growing it and not alienating your audience. Feel free to email me with questions prior. (646) 228-4173.

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