Give your business idea a fighting chance!

, Founder at Bluebird Brand

I know how hard starting a business can be and how even some of the smallest details can give you the inspiration to pursue a dream, even if it is in your spare time. I can help you think a bit differently about your current business, or a potential business idea, and create a framework that will help you reach your goal. This class will introduce some new technologies available to you for free that will speed up the process for developing your idea. We will discuss everyones goals, and work through issues everyone is having developing their idea. I will share simple concepts that will help you fine tune your idea, or help you restructure a current business. The class is scheduled for an hour and a half, and may go longer, depending on how many questions students have.

  • Give your business idea a fighting chance!


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Michaelangelo Schab

Founder at Bluebird Brand
I have played texas hold'em for the last 15 years, and my experience varies from simple games with friends to the high stakes environment of a casino poker room. I am also an entrepreneur in the Chicago area.
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