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This is much more than simply a class about virtual assistants or outsourcing; it's a class about the optimization of your time. Nate took us through a journey of what is possible through the smart use of outsourcing, and then goes into detail on how we can implement similar strategies in our own lives. Ask yourself the question: could I use an extra few hours every week? If the answer is yes, take this class! You won't be disappointed.

-Sid Efromovich, Master Teacher

"I have dealt with hiring virtual assistants for a few years now, and I can tell that Nate is clearly a pro when it comes to hiring and working with VA's. He walked us through all the steps, beginning with an evaluation of multiple hiring sites (i.e., as well as tricks for finding the best candidates. Nate had his own assistant join in via Skype to talk about how working as a VA has improved her life; it was a really nice touch. I highly recommend this class to anyone getting started with outsourcing their business processes. "

-Eric Dubs, Founder Lofteo

“Nate's class was full of insight and good need to knows. Not only did I learn about the process and easiest way to find a VA, but I learned how to find people in any function that will be critical to the success of my business. Nate, You Rock! Needless to say, this class has impacted my business model in a very positive way”

-Angela Matthews, Founder AM Social Media

After taking this class I realized that VA's are an incredible resource available to everyone. I now know how to find a VA, what to look for in hiring one, how to hire one, and so much more more that comes with the class. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to start a business or those that have a business already and need some assistance in the day-to-day operations.

-Zachary Pollack, Founder Zockster


Welcome to the wonderful world of Virtual Assistants and outsourcing! Virtual Assistants and/or internet freelancers can help you in ways that you have probably not even imagined.. which is exactly what you will learn in this class. 

Learn how to tap into and leverage this incredible recourse to fuel your business and life! 

This class will cover:

1. WHO and WHAT (the heck is a VA)

2. WHY you would want a VA (Why wouldn’t you??)

3. WHERE you can find your VA

4. HOW to hire and effectively use your VA

5. Case Study: How I use VAs to run my business and life


By the way, this class description was written by Abi, one of Nate's Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. :)

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World Traveling Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur
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