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The words “pitching” & “selling” should be eliminated from every entrepreneur’s vocabulary and replaced with the word “educating.” The only thing worse than giving a pitch is having to listen to one. No one likes being pitched!

But people LOVE to be educated . . . especially about how your product or service will improve the quality of their lives!

Now here’s the cool part. When you “educate” two things happen. First, people get to Know, Like & Trust you (this is priceless).

Second, you get recognized as the expert in your industry (even if you’re not). What happens when you’re viewed as an expert? EVERYONE wants to work with you AND experts command a much higher fee than non-experts!

Get ready to learn how to get your prospects to know, like & trust you and get recognized as the expert in your industry!

Creating an Unforgettable Experience

Picture this . . . you’re out to dinner with 7 of your friends and the topic of “great movies” comes up. One of your buddies says, “The greatest movie of all time, without a doubt, is The Godfather!”

You pause for a second and say, “You know, I’ve never actually seen The Godfather. Then right before your eyes you watch 7 people, who you thought were calm, rational people go absolutely nuts!!!

One screams, “Are you kidding me?” The second looks at you as if you’re from outer space!

The next throws her hands in the air and announces, “Well, now I’ve heard it all!”

Of course the most rational of the group says, “That’s it, we’re cutting dinner short and taking you to watch The Godfather RIGHT NOW!”

Simply put, The Godfather was such an amazing experience that it turned everyone into a referral-generating machine!

You don’t want your clients to be just “satisfied” . . . you want them to be lose-their-minds passionate about you and your company!

To do that you must create an experience blows their minds. Something they’ve never experienced before and goes beyond their wildest expectations!

You’ll learn exactly how to do that during this class (and it’s a lot easier than you could possibly imagine).

To lock-in your spot sign-up here and shoot an email to [email protected] with the subject, “Hi Katie.  Yes, I’ll definitely be there.”

  • Converting Prospects into Clients by Getting Them to Know, Like & Trust You


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