Facebook Advertising 101

, eMarketing and Social Media Director @Spartan Race

In this class you will learn the basics about creating an effective Facebook ad campaign to optimize both your CPC (cost-per-click)!
We will also go over what you can do to track CPA (cost-per-action) to optimize your ROI even further! We will discuss creating the ads, testing them for optimal CTR (click-through-rate: percent of served ads that are clicked), changing bid for longer ad longevity, and where to actually send ad clicks.
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  • Facebook Advertising 101


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Ben McDonald

eMarketing and Social Media Director @Spartan Race
As eMarketing and Social Media director at Spartan Race (www.facebook.com/spartanrace ; www.spartanrace.com), I have had the opportunity to run over $100k worth of Facebook ads a month (over $1m this year alone) using some of the top Ad optimization tools. Facebook ads have increased the brand exposure of Spartan Race exponentially, and has become the primary source of race signups!
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