Everything You Wanted to Know About Tech But Were Afraid To Ask

, President at Hyperpublic

Do you feel on the outside of the technical discussion? Are the concepts and vocabulary unfamiliar? It's hard to jump into the world of technology and difficult to Google "how to work within a technology company." Let's come together and take a step into the tech beyond. You will learn many of the technology concepts needed to feel comforable with engineers. 
Technology is almost always the foundation, competitive advantage, and heart of your company. If you're not a technologist (you don't code) you can quickly become an outsider within your firm. You might feel this way if you are in business development, marketing, sales, venture capital or even a non-technical co-founder. 
This class is an opportunity to discuss all matters related to technology development, managing engineers, production, analytics, hosting, designing, etc... Think of it as an in person session to start your foray into feeling comfortable with technology and engineers. Let's nix those buzzwords! Ask anything you'd like.
Here's a starter list of questions (even better if you don't know these terms!):
  • How do you recruit and retain engineers?
  • What motivates engineers? How should I work with engineers?
  • What technology is involved in launching a website? An app?
  • Is it worth working with outsourced companies?
  • What's an API?
  • What's a server? What's the cloud? What should I do with Amazon?
  • What's important and different about Ruby, Python, Java, R, C, etc...?
  • What's a platform vs. a service? 
  • What's big data? How can it improve my business?
  • At a high level, how does the internet actually work?
  • What is caching? What makes sites fast/slow?
  • Should I learn to code just a lil? If so, how to start?
  • Should I develop for web or individual platforms? What's the development process?
  • What is HTML5?
  • What should we measure on the site?
  • ...

Feel free to start the discussion by asking a question here.

There will be beer and snacks!

No technology experience required, in fact it's better if you have none. Just a healthy dose of curiosity.
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Tech But Were Afraid To Ask


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Jeff Weinstein

President at Hyperpublic

I'm President at Hyperpublic, a New York based start up that was recently acquired by Groupon. I joined the company to focus on technical product roadmap, monetization strategy, data requirements, business development, external customer integrations, sales, marketing communication, and recruiting. 

Hyperpublic is a rich local data platform for developers, companies, publishers and search engines. We make it easy to access data about local merchants, venues and places like deals, events, reviews, links, tags, attributes and more.

Previously, I led the R&D group at comScore where we turned raw web traffic (100+ billion events per week) into internet analytics products. In both roles, one lesson that I learned is that often being the most technical person in a business meeting and the most business savvy person during a code review is a tenuous balance to maintain.

At the University of Pennsylvania, I studied Computer Science and Economics. I still have an Excel spreadsheet with stats, standings and graphs of family Scrabble games.

Follow me on Twitter: @jeff_weinstein

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