Entrepreneurs: Overcome Your Fear of Financial Statements!

, Strategy and Financial Consultant to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are resilient; the average entrepreneur fails 3.8 times before finally succeeding. One of the leading reasons for startup failure is that people start companies and then learn about financial management on the job - a very costly way to learn & train.  

Every smart entrepreneur and business owner should understand what the business Financial Statements are telling him/her. You can't make sound strategic business decisions if you don't know where your business stands financially, and to know where it stands, you need to understand how to read basic Financial Statements.

This class is NOT going to make you an accountant, but it will help you intellegantly talk to one. During the class you will, specifically: 

  1. Get an overview of the three main financial statements - (1) Balance Sheet, (2) Income Statement, and (3) Cash Flow Statement
  2. Learn to interpret the different information listed in each statement.
  3. Understand the purpose of each of the financial statements, their format and the specific business decisions they can be used to make.
  4. Learn how the three main financial statements relate to each other.

This class is for: 

  1. Founders, entrepreneurs and business owners 
  2. Anyone interested to learn about reading financial statements
  3. Individuals planning to emerge in more advanced topics/classes such as financial ratios, financial modeling for startups, valuing a startup, etc. 
So, If you are ready to take control of your business financials and start making smart strategic decisions sign up for this class.

Einas Ibrahim

Strategy and Financial Consultant to Entrepreneurs

Einas is an entrepreneur, startup business advisor and strategic consultant with a background in business, finance, electrical engineering and IT consulting.  Einas has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance (VC and PE) from Wharton Business School and over 12 years’ experience working at startups to Fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson. 

Einas is currently based in New York City and is a mentor and advisor for several incubator and accelerator programs including Astia, AngelHack,  Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) and 3 Day Startup.

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