Do Some Good: Online Fundraising Primer by Purpose

, We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things

You've worked hard to engage your audience and build a community around a cause. Now it's time to deploy strategic campaigns to transform your community with a cause into a financially sustainable movement that can make real-world impact over the long term. How do you “level up” fans of content and signers of petitions and convert them to the next level of committed financial supporters?

This workshop will present case studies and actionable insights from projects incubated and supported by Purpose, a home for “movement entrepreneurship.” We will introduce attendees to the “commitment curve” framework as a valuable strategic and creative tool for leveling up campaigns into successful movements. Participants will then get the chance to apply these principles and best practices to their own campaign plans and receive feedback and hands-on support from Purpose’s James Slezak and Lee-Sean Huang.

Student Takeaways:

- List of successful online campaigns and videos
- List of great resources for storytelling
- A list of crowdfunding platforms for non-profits and for-profits
- A comprehensive toolkit that covers everything A to Z for the social good space

  • Do Some Good: Online Fundraising Primer by Purpose


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Social Innovators Collective NYC

We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things


James Slezak leads business strategy and sustainability at Purpose. He is responsible for scaling the impact and reach of Purpose's work, including the funding, corporate structure, and growth of the organization. On sustainability, his work is motivated by the belief that for the movement to be successful, its ambition must go beyond regulating existing business activities ¬ it must rebuild major sectors of the economy. James has led major projects on sustainability, technology and economic development for McKinsey & Company, including developing green stimulus proposals for the Australian Prime Minister and former US Vice President Al Gore, developing strategy for the ONE Campaign against global poverty in Washington DC, and leading the Russian national carbon efficiency project in Moscow.


Lee-Sean Huang comes from an interdisciplinary background in design, communications, technology, activism, and art. He is a designer and strategist at Purpose, where he works with non-profits and socially-progressive brands to build movements for social change. His work ranges from campaign strategy to branding and identity to interaction design to multimedia content production. He has previously worked with a range of non-profits including, Human Rights Watch, Creative Commons, and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. He is a trustee of the Awesome Foundation New York, and co-founder of Hepnova Multimedia. Lee-Sean holds a BA in Government from Harvard University and a master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. He is a faculty member at the MFA Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts.


Shana Dressler is the co-founder of the Social Innovators Collective, an international network of emerging founders and professionals who work in the social enterprise and nonprofit sectors. Part of the organization’s mission is to train the next wave of leaders so that they become financially sustainable. To this end Shana has produced workshops and classes on social good enterprise building at General Assembly, through Skillshare's platform and at their Penny Conference. Additionally, she has designed bootcamps hosted at Parsons School of Design, made presentations at Internet Week New York, and created/participated in panels of social good industry experts for Social Media Week and the SEEED Conference at Brown University.

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