Do Some Good: Online Fundraising Primer by Purpose

, We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things

You've worked hard to engage your audience and build a community around a cause. Now it's time to deploy strategic campaigns to transform your community with a cause into a financially sustainable movement that can make real-world impact over the long term. How do you “level up” fans of content and signers of petitions and convert them to the next level of committed financial supporters?

This workshop will present case studies and actionable insights from projects incubated and supported by Purpose, a home for “movement entrepreneurship.” We will introduce attendees to the “commitment curve” framework as a valuable strategic and creative tool for leveling up campaigns into successful movements. Participants will then get the chance to apply these principles and best practices to their own campaign plans and receive feedback and hands-on support from Purpose’s James Slezak and Lee-Sean Huang.

Student Takeaways:

- List of successful online campaigns and videos
- List of great resources for storytelling
- A list of crowdfunding platforms for non-profits and for-profits
- A comprehensive toolkit that covers everything A to Z for the social good space

  • Do Some Good: Online Fundraising Primer by Purpose


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Social Innovators Collective NYC

We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things


Shana Dressler is the founder of the Social Innovators Collective. The organization’s mission is to train and nurture the next wave of social change leaders so that they can demonstrate both measurable impact and achieve financially sustainability. In addition to producing workshops on social enterprise and nonprofit business development at General Assembly, Shana has designed workshops and classes for the Social Enterprise Boot Camp, Skillshare’s Penny ConferenceImpact Design for Social Change and Parsons Desis Lab. She has also produced panels of social good industry experts at Social Media Week and created classes for Internet Week. In early 2013, Shana will be launching an online education platform for individuals interested in founding social ventures and producing high impact projects. Prior to the Social Innovators Collective, Shana founded the Global Giving Circle, a nonprofit organization that created opportunities for people of all income levels to support hybrid grassroots social enterprise and philanthropic initiatives focused on poverty alleviation. An expert on ethically sourced cacao, she was recently appointed as a judge for the International Chocolate Awards as well as a judge for the Webby Awards. You can follow her @sic_org and @shanadressler.


Todd Schechter is passionate about helping individuals and communities achieve their potential through connection, learning, and collaboration. The New American Tavern is his effort to empower local citizens to deepen their engagement with democracy and with each other. He has worked as a strategy and organizational development consultant with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and local governments and previously worked as an international documentary television producer and social entrepreneur. A native of New York City, Todd earned his a Master of Public Administration from the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at NYU and his double B.S. in Communication Arts and Theatre & Drama from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. He loves learning, “netweaving” and interesting conversations over delicious food and drink.


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