Data to Dollars: Using Cohort Analysis to Plug Your Leaky Holes

, VP, Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru

You're not effectively optimizing your marketing strategies until you're dexterous with cohort analysis. Cohort analysis is one of the most powerful tools for behavior measurement and enables marketers and other stakeholders to analyze groups of customers across a variety of "like" traits like when they joined and where they came from. In this survey course, I will walk you through a mock data dump to showcase best practices around scoring data and making it usable; from there, we'll conduct a sample cohort analysis the scrappy way - in Excel!  I'll also highlight shortcuts and tricks that will have you drowning in a sea of actionable business insights. Not convinced? Read about how my student Kareem Mayan used his learnings from this class to reduce his business' cancellation rates by 87.5% (and congrats to Kareem on making #1 in Hacker News with this post!).

Who should take this class?

  • Anyone who is excited about increasing the role of analytics across the various functions of their business (marketing, product, etc.) - however new they might be to numbers.
  • Eager students who are ready to take matters into their own hands when they leave (i.e. apply the templates and frameworks we discuss to their own businesses - like Kareem!) - I'll help you, but you need to be willing to make the time.

Who should not take this class?

  • Folks looking for advanced applications of cohort analysis or marketing forecasting; this is a high-level survey class, not a time to delve into the nitty-gritty of your FP&A goals for the year.

What types of professionals have enjoyed this class in the past?

  • Marketers hoping to become more data-driven and all around stronger contributors to their companies.
  • Founders looking to understand more about how even simple analytics can drive business decisions as well as how to present customer data in a way that resonates with investors.
  • Product, Ops, Customer Support and other business stakeholders seeking to become more results-oriented in the way they approach projects and report on returns.
  • Engineers who've finally broken down and want to understand why people are always asking them to source data!
  • Disgruntled bankers and consultants contemplating putting their analytical prowess to work in the Internet world and who are seeking to understand what types of things people are talking about in nerdy little internet world.

Final Note: a working knowledge of Excel (pivot tables in particular) is very much recommended for this class. If you need help getting started there, I highly recommend Shir Aviv's Intro Excel and Pivot Table courses. To receive a $10 discount for either class, you can use the code CASSIE10 at checkout.

  • Introduction to Marketing Cohort Analysis


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Cassie Lancellotti-Young

VP, Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru

Cassie Lancellotti-Young is VP Client Optimization & Analytics at Sailthru. Before joining Sailthru, where she works with top brands in e-commerce and publishing to improve the relevance of their marketing and increase their customer lifetime values. Before joining Sailthru, Cassie spent a year at Gerson Lehrman Group working on new business line development by way of the minimum viable product/growth hacking approach. Prior to GLG, Cassie served as VP Marketing at Savored, where she managed user acquisition, email and product marketing, and partnerships; Savored sold to Groupon in 2012. Cassie was also an early employee at, where she spent three years managing direct marketing and subscription analytics for the company’s jobseeker product and was responsible for tremendous growth in readership and revenue. She began her career as a media/tech analyst at Citigroup Global Corporate & Investment Bank.

Cassie graduated from Duke and holds an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College. She is an expert on data analytics (and making them digestible!) - she's been called "the Nate Silver of startup analytics" - and welcomes the opportunity to nerd out with fellow quantitative enthusiasts. Cassie is also an advisor to several NYC startups and is avidly working to become an amateur blogger but regularly forgets to write stuff.

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