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, Co-founder at ListenIn Pictures

Countless organizations are unequipped to tell great stories. Too often, they resort to bland descriptions of programs and requests for donations. But your audience is hungry for meaning, belonging and purpose. At the heart of every movement—including yours—there is a story that inspires people to stand up, take action, and join your cause. 

Annie Escobar, the co-founder of ListenIn Pictures, will lead an interactive workshop that shows you how to use video storytelling to create positive social impact. Whether you work for a social enterprise, a non-profit, a start-up, or a company that simply does good for this world, your organization has a portfolio of stories waiting to be unleashed. 

You will leave the workshop having crafted the portfolio of stories that will invite your audiences to be a part of something that matters. This will empower your audience to understand how they form an integral part of your story, not just a market of donors. This type of audience empowerment will drive fundraising, advocacy, engagement and ultimately, change.

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  • Create Videos to Change the World

    ListenIn Pictures

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    Participants will be able to: 

    1. Analyze the elements of a good narrative;
    2. List narratives plot structures;
    3. Recognize story arch structure;
    4. Critique program-centered stories in comparison to human-centered stories;
    5. Form their organization’s central narrative;
    6. Tailor this narrative to different audiences and contexts, including online platforms;
    7. Plan a campaign or distribution strategy around this story; and
    8. Develop a portfolio of stories for their organization.
    Thu, October 25th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

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Annie Escobar

Co-founder at ListenIn Pictures

Annie Escobar is the co-founder of ListenIn Pictures, a communications agency that specializes in video, training, and strategic consulting for non-profits and purpose-driven organizations. Annie has led ListenIn Pictures as the Creative Director to work with dozens of organizations both locally and internationally in areas of child welfare, education reform, poverty alleviation, racial justice, and human rights. Annie recently returned from Uganda where she worked with BRAC, the largest anti-poverty organization in the world, on creating a bottom-up storytelling strategy within the organization. Before founding ListenIn, Annie travelled internationally for as a photographer and filmmaker. She graduated from NYU as a Reynolds Scholar with degrees in Anthropology and Photography.


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