Copyrights & Trademarks for Designers

, CEO, Vicaire NY & Partner, Sardar Law Firm

Benish Shah & Sheheryar Sardar will be speaking.  *Snacks & Wine will be served* 

This class will focus on: 

1.  How to trademark your brand

2.  How to trademark your designs

3.  Using prints from other designers & legal issues surrounding it

4.  The difference between copyright and trademarks

Sheheryar Sardar of Sardar Law Firm has worked with over 60 startups and over 25 New York based designers.  He has worked with designers on matters of trademark infringement, trademark registration, international copyrights and trademarks, and more.  He is a great resource for designers.  One attendee will also get a free 30 minute consultation with Sardar Law Firm in New York. 

  • Copyrights & Trademarks for designers


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Benish Shah

CEO, Vicaire NY & Partner, Sardar Law Firm

Benish Shah is the CEO of Before the Label and has spent over 10 years consulting with, and working in, startups.  From fashion, to technology, to event planning and social media, to law - Benish has been involved with over 60 startups from early stage and concept to mature and in the acquisition rounds.  Benish is a lawyer by training and has been teaching seminars for startups for the past 5 years. 

Sheheryar Sardar is a partner at Sardar Law Firm (named "Best Law Firm for Startups" by BroadStreet Times) and is focused on startup law in New York.  His clients include companies in industries such as clean teach, e-commerce, entertainment/media and open source/digital media.  Sheheryar has worked with startups to develop funding strategies and has assisted startups from inception all the way through acquisitions and mergers.  Sheheryar himself is involved with several startups and has first hand knowledge of the process. 

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