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Whether you're addressing an intimate group or an audience of thousands, public speaking can be pretty nerve-racking. Sometimes your palms get sweaty, sometimes your voice cracks like the second coming of puberty - I've been there. Thankfully after struggling as the shy, introverted kid for years, I've finally got the hang of it. And ironically enough, my career now depends on my ability to be an effective speaker and communicator.  

My biggest goal with this workshop is to guide you toward being a more poised, genuine speaker. I'll prepare you to develop and deliver content, share ideas and tell stories that create a space for audiences to relate, engage and act.


If you're a maker, doer or creative intra/entrepreneur who regularly engages with clients and customers, presents ideas often and finds that speaking is becoming a really important part of your role, then yes.  

This workshop is also the right fit if you:

  • consider yourself to be a beginner - intermediate level speaker
  • have a presentation or engagement you'd like to ready yourself for
  • struggle with content development, speech anxiety, and/or successfully conveying your message
  • need an environment where you can practice with a neutral group and get constructive feedback and/or,
  • really want to learn how to connect meaningfully while being authentic and personable in the moments where your voice matters the most


Your investment in this workshop gets you:

  • the opportunity to present in front of a group and get peer feedback, live coaching and footage of you in action
  • an encouraging, constructive learning environment with an intimate group of no more than 10 attendees
  • actionable tips and strategies for navigating angst and being effective in your communication  
  • digital copies of the material covered (including a content shaping template to help you prepare going forward)
  • a 20 min follow-up virtual coaching session
  • access to a Google Group with past workshop participants where you'll get ongoing support, practice and resources and,
  • a complimentary Uber ride for up to $25 (new users only)


  • practice material! 1-2 min of an old presentation, speech or pitch - OR - an idea, topic, product, etc. that you may present about in the future
  • an open mind and commitment to improving 
  • a willingness to work in teams
  • a sense of humor 


Cool As a Cucumber has a no refund policy. However, if you're unable to attend the workshop you've registered for, you can apply the credit toward a future workshop.

And based on everything outlined above, if you walk away from this workshop without it having met your expectations, email me with your constructive criticism (within 3 business days) and I'll issue you a full refund (yup, seriously). 

(Check out what past participants have said about the workshop here.)

  • Craft, Prepare, Deliver.


    419 Park Ave South 2nd Floor
    New York, NY

    You'll learn what effective public speaking is, tips and tricks to combat anxiety, best practices for writing, preparing for and delivering your speech and most importantly, how to hone your voice and own your personal speaking style.
    Thu, December 13th, 2012

    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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Holley Murchison

Social Entrepreneur + Rhetoric Coach

I'm a social entrepreneur and rhetoric coach operating between NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area. I spent 5 years working as an on-air radio personality and in project management before transitioning into a career focused on social change. As a speaker, I've engaged audiences of over 5,000 and have been invited to present, speak and host at events for CreativeMorningsThe Harvard Graduate School of EducationNew York Daily News and more. 

Understanding the obstacles and anxiety we face when it comes to speaking in public settings, I launched Oratory Glory to help fellow makers, doers and intra/entrepreneurs communicate better and take (big and small) leaps toward championing and executing their ideas.

Since 2012, I've provided communications support to over 300 creative professionals through intimate workshops and have coached and led custom workshops at companies including GrindKlout, and Spotify.

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