Communicate for Impact: Pitch Your Idea & Be Understood

, Founder & Head Coach - InStep Consulting LLC

So, you've got an idea? Big deal! If you can't communicate it to other people, you won't have the chance to launch, grow, or sustain your business.

To succeed as a startup founder or entrepreneur requires strong communication skills and creative social intelligence whether you’re seeking to raise capital, sell your products, recruit your team, and be taken seriously by customers, partners, investors ... basically anyone! Keeping your head down, writing your code, and just hoping that your great idea gets validated won’t work.

Now is the PERFECT time for savvy entrepreneurs and disrupters like you to reevaluate your communication strategy and refresh your game plan!

Find out about a simple model to help you communicate better and be more able to read other people’s facial expressions and body language. Why? So you can recognize how they're perceiving you and determine if they're taking you seriously. Discover your "People Style" [ASSESSMENT INCLUDED].

Learn to be less defensive in difficult conversations, and how to “flex” your communication style so you can get more of what you want: better connections, more customers, and greater visibility for your business.

  • Communicate for Impact: How to Be Taken Seriously in Business


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Colette Ellis

Founder & Head Coach - InStep Consulting LLC

I'm Coach Colette: an author, executive coach, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who coaches founders to pivot through obstacles to manifest their goals, and better articulate their value proposition to customers, team members, and key decision makers.

My book, Focus on Your Vision, presents an easy, 4-step process to help readers achieve greater work-life balance.

I have over 10 years experience helping visionaries deal with change.

As Global Workshop Coordinator for Lean Startup Machine, I help startup founders use Customer Development and Lean Startup principles to validate ideas for new products and services.

As founder of InStep Consulting, I guide entrepreneurs to transform their lives and realize results faster through insightful coaching and interactive seminars on leadership, team building, and employee wellness.

I've been a featured contributor; my advice has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, online at CBS News and

I've also been a featured speaker for 85 Broads, 100 Women in Hedge Funds, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Citibank at Work, HSBC Bank USA, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, New York City Bar Association, US Small Business Administration and Women for Hire.

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