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Have you ever wanted to build an advertising campaign, but didn’t know where to start? If you like to concept, but are not sure if your ideas have enough momentum to move across different platforms and channels? If so, this class might be right for you.

Campaign Building is an introductory course that explores the creative process as it relates to building advertising campaigns. In this course, we will walk through successful campaigns, identify common creative strategies used by advertising creative teams, and learn the basics of team dynamics that exist in the agency setting. We will do all of this by pairing up into small teams or groups, work with a chosen product or brand, and brainstorm ways of making a unique selling strategy and find ways to sell it across multiple platforms. This class is about experimentation, ideas, and exploring all avenues to promote an idea.

In closing, you will be given resources to see what work currently exists in the world and how to stay inspired.

This class will cover:

  • How to go about building an advertising campaign
  • Identifying common creative strategies
  • Working with a partner and best brainstorming practices
  • Seeing which avenues let your idea live uniquely and effectively

Note: This class is hands-on, and requires active discussion and collaboration. It is also ideal for anyone looking to get a jumpstart in building a campaign for an advertising portfolio. In this class, you will be able to take away any and all ideas generated and continue to flesh them out on your own.

To find out how you can build your career as an Art Director and learn about the ins and outs of working creatively in the agency setting, please check out my How to Become an Advertising Art Director class.

No prior experience with campaign development needed. What is required is a notebook or sketchpad, a pencil or pen, and an imagination
  • Campaign Building


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Christopher Ramirez


Christopher Ramirez is an Art Director and Designer who began his career on Madison Avenue. He’s worked for several of New York’s top shops and has worked with clients such as Reebok, Chevron, Chase, General Mills, and Pfizer. He is experienced in all areas of integrated branding and creative strategy. 

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