Breaking and Entering Into the Startup World

, Product Manager at Skillshare

Are you about to graduate or already stuck in some unfulfilling job? Have you always thought about working at a startup but have no idea where to begin? Come learn what it takes to break into the startup scene and build your network from scratch.

We'll go over the following topics and questions:

  • Is the startup world is right for me?
  • Where do I start if I have no prior startup experience?
  • Which skills you should focus on developing
  • Where the opportunities are and where you should be looking
  • What are startups looking for in a new hire
  • Key differences between working at a startup and a larger corporation

Whether it's rolling up your sleeves and hustlin' to land a job at one of the hottest startups in New York, I'll guide you through the first steps needed to make a name for yourself beyond your resume.

You'll walk away with an overview of how to navigate the startup landscape and an arsenal of resources to get you off the ground running working with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs. Who knows? Maybe you'll be a part of the next Airbnb or Facebook.

Stephen Yang

Product Manager at Skillshare
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